Racial History of Varenal

Tall, thin, and intelligent, Elves are the ruling class of Varenal, living elegant lives in the cities and towns of the land. They are the upper class, the nobles, the commanders, and the royal family. They see themselves as the only race that can and will take an objective look at the big picture, and they see it as their responsibility to guide the other races accordingly.

Called “men” by the giants, they were the most elevated of the slave races. Chief servants, eventually they were stewards for the giants, they were treated well and valued for their intelligence and aptitude for arcane magic. Eventually the giants trusted them with modicums of their magical might, and in turn also forced them to drain their magic into making wondrous items.

The elves eventually secreted and developed their own magic and rose against their slavers, rallying or spearheading the other slave races. The uprising, eventually ending in The Atrocities.

Currently, after 503 years of peaceful rule, interrupted by The Hob Wars, hufaran integration crap and

*Elves are the same as the Pathfinder sourcebook except:
Eyes- The sclera is the same color, but a lighter shade, as their irises. The sclera lightens or darkens depending on an elfs mood, as dark as the iris when angry or passionate to nearly white when happy and euphoric; when an elf is composed it will be the normal light shade.
Elves suffer -1 to social when dealing with the other umanoid races because of wearing their emotions in their eyes and the aloof distance they keep .

Half-Elves (incomplete)
Half elves are the offspring of humans and elf pairings, it is thought that humans and elves share racial origins because of this. This has helped create a special relationship between the two races, the elves treating the humans with a paternal regard.

Half-elves primarily exist as part of elvish society in the empire. They generally live well-to-do middle or upper class lives. Common half-elf occupations are military officer, diplomat or liaison, bureaucrat, trader, and skilled tradesman.
There are only two half-elf enclaves. Their sclera are very lightly colored.

Half-elves are intelligent like elves, but are also , and charming as a res, with well built bodies. They are seen to embody many of the positive traits of their heritage.
+1 Dex
+1 Cha
+1 Int

Humans (Incomplete)
The humans of Varenal
Humans go wherever their whims take them, and their beliefs fall across the entire spectrum. Many of the leaders of both the Imperialists and the Secessionists are human, and each is as passionate about their cause as the next. Humans are the most common race, and they can be found in every corner of society.

Proud, hardy and militaristic, the hobgoblins never submitted to giants rule and were thought wiped out as a result. Since giantfall they have reappeared leading tribes of goblins, often attacking the outskirts of the mandor. Once considering themselves the equal of the elves, they now view them as inferiors and despise them for submitting to the giants rule. They are known to retreat into the far wilds when the elvish guard beats back their advances, there the extent of their remain is unknown.

Too chaotic and spiteful to ever be usefully enslaved by the giants, they lived marginal lives on the fringes surrounding the giant empire. This continues to the present day in the fringes surrounding the elven empire.

Halflings (Incomplete)
Halflings suffered the most under the rule of the giants, and as such they are the most supportive of the elves now. As a people with a love of material comforts and consistency, they find that the elves can consistently provide these things decade after decade.

Insular, honorable, hidebound and stalwart are common descriptors of dwarves used by the other umanoid races. They are a stoic and stern race strongly connected to the earth. Living as much underground as above, dwarves have an innate, spiritual connection to the earth and everything in it. They are the greatest craftspeople of the umanoid races, in metallurgy, stonework and engineering unmatched.

After giantfall they signed several comprehensive treaties with the elves, and thus since they have kept their affairs private and contained within the semi-autonomous regions of kuntsfanguru. Approximately 80% of the dwarven population resides there. The rest are in cities and towns, a few different dwarven population centers, and at dwarven mines scattered thru the continent.

They generally remain neutral in the conflict, and few factions have able to involve them in any significant way besides increasing their orders for weapon and armament. A notable exception is the dwarves of Hufara, who are allied with Hufara and Navisson.

The former rulers of the realm. Stories of their size, might and occult powers have spread in the five hundred years since their empire was wiped from the face of the continent; their chief existence is now as boogeyman and monsters for children and nervous adults.

Gnomes (Incomplete)
The gnomes are those that chafe the most under the elven monarchy, they are the most free-spirited of the slave races. They like to be free to walk their own path, and they find the rule coming from Arlago constricting and oppressive on this. Gnomes delight in discovery and the pursuit of experiences and knowledge, and they often view the elves as an obstacle to this.


Racial History of Varenal

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