House Schultheiss

House Schultheiss is, first and foremost, a business. The other houses may have their ancient traditions and customs deeply rooted in a rich, cultural history, but House Schultheiss has gold.

The banking clan was the last of the houses to be founded, and the only house to be founded after the Great Dark. As the dwarves reemerged from their mountains centuries ago, they found themselves to be the wealthiest beings in all of Varenel. The first members of House Schultheiss saw an opportunity to direct this vast wealth to create a powerful dwarf nation, and to create a tidy profit in the meantime. There never was a Schultheiss clan home in Kunstferung, however; they began instead in Arlago, the better to lend money and offer financial council to the fledgling nations of man, elf, and gnome.

A dwarf may rise through the ranks of House Schultheiss solely on the merit of his or her own actions. They know that brightest and most cunning of bankers may produce the most dimwitted offspring, and House Schultheiss has little use for dullards. Even the sons and daughters of Heinrich Schultheiss, the current patriarch of the clan, had to begin their careers at the bottom of the heap as actuaries and tellers. All that parents can leave their children are education and connections, for all assets go to the clan upon death. As a result, members of House Schultheiss have a near obsession with work and learning. While the stoicism of dwarves is easy to find among the Schultheisses, the similarly famous bouts of dwarven revelry are not. The success of the clan lies above all else.

Members of House Schultheiss are warriors of the ledger and quill, not of the sword, and Heinrich Schultheiss is no exception. Unfortunately, dealing with large sums of money often results in a need for those willing to get their hands dirty. While in public the rapier-thin dwarf is viewed as a great philanthropist and shining example of citizenship, there are rumors that he consorts with the most fearsome of sell-swords and thugs. While House Schultheiss has never been directly connected with any criminal activity, many defaulters on Schultheiss loans coincidentally find themselves victims of muggings, arson, and theft.

House Schultheiss is not above bringing fresh blood into the clan if the new members prove capable of bringing in more gold, a practice frowned upon by the other dwarf houses.

House Schultheiss

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