A World Too Small for Giants

The Silent Woods

Our heroes must recover from the deathly battle, they take stock of what they know. The goblin attack on K’cin was very unusual for goblins. The arrival of the militia and army is suspiciously timed. On the heroes’ journey back to K’cin, the discussions tuned to the next actions. The subtle actions and give and take of politics are not the strength of the party; they decide to look for work from the elves as they seem busy with the militia. A journey into the Silent Woods reveals a massive goblin army, poised to attack. The journey back to K’cin leaves many more questions than answers, and with the fees collected, Yasu decides it is time to confront the militia with this new information. During this encounter, Yasu comes to believe that the militia is in some type of agreement with the goblins. When he presents this information to the rest of the party, however, they remain skeptical. How will our heroes resolve this latest issue? Only time will tell!


Sounds like what the party needs now is a good old fashioned explosion…

The Silent Woods

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