A World Too Small for Giants

Guerrilla Tactics

The Party decided that whether they were certain or not, they should bring their suspicions to Vargus. Upon learning of the goblin encampment and their potential ties to the gnome forces, as well as the ambivalence of the elves to the plight this could cause, Vargus decided to act. The next morning, Vargus called forth a round table at the temple which included The Party, Captain Gwendolyn, Sebastian and Co., and multiple representatives from the Hunters’ Village. After the presentation of the facts of the situation, and then a brief discussion of the repercussions of different theories, it was decided that their most effective course of action would be to form a raiding party that could slowly hack and slice away at the goblin’s forces.

A group of 20, including 15 trained combatants and 5 non-combatants, they reconvened in the Hunters’ Village. A select few began reconnaissance on the goblin encampment, and noted weak points in the goblin’s defenses; it was then decided that the best way to initially strike fear and confusion into the hearts of the goblins would be to ambush their hunting parties, which served to both slim the goblins’ numbers and dwindle their food supply. The non-combatants remained at the Hunters’ Village, while the combatants broke into two groups: The Party and Sebastian and Co. in one group(G1), Gwendolyn and 7 hunters in the other(G2). G1 went roughly half a mile west of the goblin encampment, and using a pit trap, an illusion, and a decoy, they vanquished a hunting party consisting of 3 goblins and one warg. G2 went east of the encampment roughly the same distance, and using a snare and a decoy, defeated a hunting party of the same size as G1 destroyed; one member of G2 was injured, but not grievously.

After regrouping in the Hunters’ Village and some more sneaking, they decided to try the same ploy one more time. However, it was noted that: the goblins were drinking water from barrels, and that the source of their water was located a few hundred yards north of their camp; the goblins on watch in the northeast platform on the outskirts of the goblin camp were always asleep; 4 hobgoblins were discovered among the rabble; and there was one tent, the largest of them all, that was constantly guarded, with nothing ever entering and nothing ever leaving. G1 went back to the same place of their previous success, and ambushed the second hunting party. This party consisted of 6 goblins and one warg, but due to the solid preparation, quick reflexes, and daring tree-jumps of various members of G1, it was quickly taken care of. This time however, not all of the goblins were killed; three were put to sleep by Ladliss, and one was rendered unconscious by Yasu Star‘s spear. G1 intends to interrogate the now bound and gagged goblins, and have yet to meet back up with G2 at the Hunters’ Village.



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