A World Too Small for Giants

Summaries: Tales of

Immediately after leaving the battle, while healing and deciding whether to return to the basement arena for round two with Boarlad, Ladliss was approached by three elves asking him to come alone with them on business concerning his boss, Councilwoman Saima. They were recalcitrant, suspicious, and full of shit and quickly attacked him when he refused to walk down a dark deserted alleyway with them. They were still close enough to Semaj and Yasu that they were able to help fight the (wizardly) elves off.

The party had gotten a round two, just not the one they wanted and they were sorely hurt and confused. Ladliss wanted to check that Saima was okay, and then go talk to Archibald about why dastardly wizards would attack him.

Continuing their stream of good luck; Saima had been killed, Archibald attacked Ladliss when he wouldn’t agree to join his elvish superiority conspiracy, and Yasu was attacked by Gui in an alleyway and left for dead. Semaj cleverly avoided any peril by not having any discernible roleplaying, attachment to the plot, or story action.



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