A World Too Small for Giants

Reunion Tour

"I'd skullfuck the shit out of that corpse" -Idiom of Arlago teenagers

After more than two years since The Party went their separate ways, fate brought them all together at a gala in Arlago. Put together by Ladliss, Semaj attended the gala as a representative of the church of Elowin, and Yasu came disguised on the arm of Lisette. Ladliss and Semaj had a heartfelt reunion, but despite the time they spent together neither of Yasu’s former companions recognized him because of the paper bag he had over his face.

Ladliss spent a majority of the evening making sure the event ran smoothly; when he got the chance, however, he rubbed elbows with some of the more prominent figures in the Varenel Empire. He also attempted to persuade some of the delegates from the rebelling states to stay a few extra days in order to sit down and discuss a less violent course of action with the Queen’s representatives in Arlago. After an interesting discussion with the matriarch of the House of Bergmann, Ladliss had an opportunity to ingratiate himself with the head of the House of Nobles by taking home a much too inebriated representative of Hufara in the Varenelian Parliament.

While this took place, Yasu exposed himself to Semaj, and then proceeded to reveal to him his identity. Semaj invited Yasu to a breakfast reunion that Ladliss and he had planned for the next morning, and then the two proceeded to converse with various guests at the party. Semaj had a philosophical discussion with Sven Bergmann, while Yasu was bored to tears by the archmages that Lisette seemed all too familiar with. Out of the boredom, however, Yasu discovered that one of the archmages was willing to pay top dollar for an ancient artifact that was rumored to be on sale at the docks; unfortunately, the archmage didn’t seem to have faith in Yasu’s abilities, so Lisette suggested that Yasu get the band back together in order to get a quick payday.

Towards the end of the night, Ladliss found himself in his bedroom with a beautiful escort*, Semaj was starting to regain his sense of purpose+, and Yasu needed to find a shitload of mead#. None of the party members are aware of the other’s purpose for being at the gala, and the night certainly isn’t over yet.

*Elven for “whore”
+Truth, Justice, and the Ambivalent Way
#Drink of choice for Hufaran natives; why did he bother to asterisk that, you ask? To draw attention to that detail and create an atmosphere of suspense, duh!



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