A World Too Small for Giants

Long Nights

Dildo Plateau

The gala wound down, our heroes went their separate ways for the night. Ladliss to rest up for continued diplomatic efforts, Yasu to plunge the diplomatic efforts into disarray, and Semaj to do something, or whatever.

By the goodness of his heart, Yasu had decided to buy a keg of good Hufaran mead for the servants of Hufaran Duke Mumbles. After approximately ascertaining the location of the Duke’s chambers while he “drank” with his servants, Yasu proceeded to sneak out, cut through the Duke’s guards and assassinate the Duke. Yasu ran from the room smiling, thinking of the good deed he had done for the working man of Hufara.

While these touching actions were taking place, Ladliss was excitedly preparing his bed for his female friend. He fell asleep on his couch that night with a smile on his face.

Hmm, I feel like there was someone else… oh well, must not be.



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