A World Too Small for Giants

File 12983: Trouble in Holtburg

Log of events transpiring in Holtburg:
I, Clint Donaldson, am filing a report to the RBI of the events transpiring in Holtburg regarrding the Halfling Rain. I was dispatched by order of the queen to investigate the violence transpiring in Holtburg in her name. She wanted to make it clear that she does not condone violence in her name.
Upon my arrival, I checked in with the local law enforcement. I was directed to a Captain Tak as he had already started an investigation into the violence befalling these rebellious citizens. I quickly learned that the refugees from K’cin have been unjustly targeted by the Rain. I was not pleased with the progress Tak was making so I trekked out on my own. He revealed to me that he had been having trouble with a local group of vigilantes that had come with the K’cinians. They were proving themselves in the local festival and also had a reputation amount the K’cinians as being competent fighters. As is my modus operandum, I quickly introduce myself to them.
There was a Natural magic user, a roguish type, and an skilled defender. I quickly assessed that their hearts were i the right place, and knew I would need the help, so I allowed them to join my investigation.
They had come across a lead that there would be something happening in the home of the Megins, whose names had come up in my investigation as well so did not see any harm in moving my investigation of the home to the top of the list. In order to catch them in the act, we decided to rely on the roguish skill of my new companion and sneak into the home. After we were unsuccessful at covert information gathering, it was time for a more overt tack. After revealing ourselves to the son of the house, Finnigan, and clearly stating our intentions, he decided to hinder our progress by calling the guard. While Tak was bumbling around with his reports, we come across a secret tunnel where we found a captured person who i was informed was the former mayor of the displaced K’cinians. We also discovered that one of the leaders of was one of the local Councilman, MacTagert. After a fairly mild resistance from the “most powerful” members of the gang.
My new friends then felt the end of our business was near and wanted to make a hasty exit.
I knew there must be more to discover, so demanded of Tak to know of his most promising leads. After some frightful interrogation of his latest informant, we were led to an suspicious farm. The rogue snuck off on his own, without any permission from me and got himself into trouble. The rest of the party rushed to his rescue, when out of nowhere, we are attacked by many halflings hidden in the barn. I told them to stand down, but they left me with little choice but to forcefully remove them. They did not take to this plan well, and we were forced to defend ourselves. In the course of the struggle, the barn was lit on fire, and we were trapped in the barn, left to burn. Luckily, fire is no match for the might of justice and I was able to escape with my life.
My companions quickly left before I had a chance to check in with Tak, and then I realized that I owed Tak no explanation for my actions and quickly returned to Arlago for my next mission.



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