A World Too Small for Giants

Breakfast of Champions

Well that did not go as expected. An assassination and Lisette showing up to do whatever she does, it’s astonishing. I knew Seyma would need me for some damage control, but I never suspected that she would send me to appease Talia. I was not prepared, but first it was time to reunite with my old buddies from my adventuring days (Was that really over two and a half years ago? My how time flies!). After a brief breakfast, I manage to convince Semaj and Yasu to join me in my work in saving the world in exchange for my assisting them with some shadier work. It will be nice to relive some of the glory days gallivanting about, getting into trouble.
In our quest to find Talia, Yasu showed surprising ability with people, something I had not seen from him in the past, but it suits him well. Talia is ready to leave and it is up to our merry band of misfits to convince her to stay for the rest of the proceedings.



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